Boys Programs

Kindergarten Instructional - Designed for kids currently enrolled in kindergarten, this program is non-competitive and really focuses on the instruction of lacrosse.  We teach stick skills, basic ball handling and the general concepts and rules for the game.  It is designed as a fun learning environment for everyone.  The registration fees cover practice twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) and a RH Lacrosse pinnie for each player.

Spring Outdoor - Designed for boys currently enrolled in grades 1 - 6, this program is competitive, consisting of practices and games, as well as tournament play.  This program is broken down into the following levels:

  • 1/2 - Boys currently in 1 st and 2nd grade
  • 3/4 - Boys currently in 3rd and 4 th grades
  • 5/6 - Boys currently in 5 th and 6th grades

No experience is necessary and all new players are welcome to join at any level.  The registration fee covers practices twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) that consist of skill development, game instruction and conditioning, games which will be held on Saturday mornings and a RH Lacrosse pinnie for each player.

Our spring outdoor program also includes two tournaments.  Depending on the level and interest, we may add additional tournaments which would require an additional fee, usually $25 or less per player.

We also require the following additional items:

  • Uniform - reversible jersey and shorts.  We require the purchase of a uniform which runs around $65.  For returners who already have a uniform, you do not need to get a new one.
  • Mouthguard
  • Lacrosse stick


We require all players to provide their own mouth guard and lacrosse stick.  These items can be purchased at any sporting goods store such as Dicks, Comlax or Play it Again Sports.

Lacrosse players are also required to wear/use the following gear for their safety:

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder pads/chest protector
  • Elbow pads
  • Gloves

For those at the Kindergarten instructional and 1/2 levels or for those who are new to the sport, we do have a selection of gear available.  In order to ensure that the items are cared for properly and returned at the end of the season we charge a rental fee of $25 for all gear combined.  This purchased can be made during registration.

Sibling Discount

For families with more than one child participating, we offer a 25% discount for the third or more child.


In an effort to keep the costs down for our players and to be able to offer equipment to new players, we do a small amount of fundraising during the spring season. 


All payments made on-line via credit card will incur a 5% processing fee.  While we prefer that you pay on-line, we also offer the ability to pay by check.  If paying by checks, we will waive the processing fee.  Checks can be made out to RH Lacrosse Club and mailed to PO Box 388, Henrietta, NY 14467

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