Fundraising Resources

Fundraising Guide

Thanks so much for your support! Here is a copy of the fundraising guide we emailed on 3/4:

2022 Fundraising Guide - Final.pdf

Fundraising Tracker:  Who's contacted what businesses?

To see which businesses have already been contacted, and add yours to the list (so we can recognize your efforts), use our Fundraising Tracker.

Sponsor Information Handout:  Bring this withyou to area businesses

This is the handout you'll want to share with potential sponsors, to give them all the key details about our sponsorship program.

RH Lax Sponsor Information Handout.pdf

Online Sponsorship Form Link (Google Forms): Have sponsors fill this out

To access the Google form we're using to collect information from our sponsors, click here. (This is also accessible on the "Sponsor Us" page on our website.)

(If sponsors have a strong preference to do this the "old school" way, they can also fill out a paper form, which you can download below, but the online Google form is preferable.)

RH Lax Sponsorship Form.pdf

PayPal Link: Convenient payments online

Send sponsors this PayPal link: ""
OR - display the QR code below on your phone, which sponsors can scan to be directed to our PayPal page:

Facebook Page: Help us spread the word!

Be sure to "Like" and "Follow" us as one of your "Favorites" on Facebook - and then share our posts to earn points toward the Knighthawks Tickets raffle!f
Our page is at 

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