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This Spring, the RH LAX Club is offering five ways for local businesses and members of our community to help support youth lacrosse!

    How your sponsorship dollars will help our youth lacrosse program:

    As our club expenses and needs increase, the RH LAX club would like to meet them without passing those costs on to players.

    • Equipment Needs: For RH Girls, we would like to build a supply of rental equipment for new players. For RH Boys, we need to replace the chest protectors being rented to new players with equipment that complies with commotio cordis standards. Fundraising will also help us replenish and replace team equipment as needed Ã??Ã?¢?? goals, nets, balls, and the like.

    • Space Rental: Currently, our club fees cover the cost of one indoor practice session per week for each team level. Additional funds will allow the club to explore the feasibility of additional turf time, to help our club stay competitive with other area teams who practice twice or more per week.

    • New Player Scholarships: To support our club mission of building youth through sport, and increase our numbers in the RH lacrosse program, we would like to offer reduced participation fees for new players who indicate financial need. This will ensure that financial restraints are not a barrier to promising athletes who would benefit from the sport, and whose on-the-field contributions would strengthen our teams, particularly as participation in youth sports continues to drop every year.

    What benefits are we offering sponsors?

    As a "Thank You!" for your donation, our club can acknowledge your generous contribution in the following ways:

    • On this year's club T-shirt, which will be provided to all RH LAX players at the start of the Spring 2022 season.
    • On our club website (www.rhlax.com) which is used by all participating families throughout the season for its team calendar and registration.
    • In our social media content on Facebook, currently followed by 600+ individuals. We'll tag you in any posts in which your sponsorship is mentioned, so the RH LAX base and your own follower base have visibility into your contribution to our team.

    Details of each sponsorship level follow below:

    Sounds great! How can I become a sponsor?

    Step 1:  Complete our online form to provide your business name and information.

    Step 2:  Make payment, one of three ways:

    • PayPal, using this link, or the QR code below:  https://tinyurl.com/yckpjs8w&n...;

    • Give a check (made payable to RH Lacrosse Club) directly to one of our RH LAX players
    • Mail your check (made payable to RH Lacrosse Club) to the address below:
           RH Lacrosse Club, Inc.
           P.O. Box 388
           Henrietta, NY 14467

    Thanks so much for your support!

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